29 January 2024

FRITZ!DECT 350 – The magnetic door and window contact for more convenience in the Smart Home

With the FRITZ!DECT 350 magnetic door/window contact, you can get creative in your home network: It immediately detects when the door or window is opened, serving as a trigger for a variety of Smart Home scenes. In this article you can find out all about the FRITZ!DECT 350 and what it can be used for.

Connect, mount and get started

Integrating the FRITZ!DECT 350 into your FRITZ! Smart Home is quick and easy: insert the batteries, press the Connect button on the FRITZ!Box and the door/window contact is registered. Alternatively, the registration can be done with FRITZ!App Smart Home. All FRITZ!Box models with DECT base stations and FRITZ!OS 7.50 or later support the FRITZ!DECT 350.

You can now mount the FRITZ!DECT 350 on the door or window frame or, in the case of modern windows with Eurofold, you can mount it so that is hidden between the window frame and the window sash. You can use the enclosed adhesive strips to test the positioning and – if everything is OK – permanently attach the FRITZ!DECT 350 to the spot you've chosen. Its compact design means it can be used flexibly on almost all standard windows and doors.

You can then set it up via the FRITZ!Box user interface.

Get creative

Integrated into the home network, FRITZ!DECT 350 enables you to control and switch other FRITZ!DECT devices and compatible Zigbee products. There is a wide range of possible uses: For example, you can have the FRITZ!DECT 500 smart LED turn on automatically as soon as the window is opened. Or set the FRITZ!DECT 200 or 210 smart plug to only supply the connected device with power as soon as the door is closed.

If the FRITZ!DECT 350 is attached to the letter box, you can get notified directly when you get new mail. Or you want to know whether the cat flap is being used, the wardrobe is closed or the drawer is open. The FRITZ!DECT 350 can be used for almost anything that opens and closes and acts as a trigger for a range of practical routines and scenes in your Smart Home - there are no limits to your creativity.

Together with the FRITZ! radiator controls, such as FRITZ!DECT 302, the door/window contact unfolds its full savings potential. If the FRITZ!DECT 350 is set up as an external window sensor for the radiator control, the radiator valve is automatically closed when the window is open. This is good for the environment and saves on heating costs - which in turn helps you save money.

More control and security

With FRITZ!DECT 350 you always know whether the door or window is open, tilted or closed. Because you can check the current status at any time with FRITZ!DECT 350 - in the home network and also while on the go. Just take a look at the FRITZ!App Smart Home, FRITZ!Fon or in the FRITZ!Box user interface.

Or use the FRITZ!Box push service to get notified about a change in the FRITZ!DECT 350's status - by email or in the FRITZ!App Smart Home. This means you'll always know what’s happening and you'll have complete control of your Smart Home.

Find out more about FRITZ!DECT 350 and its specifications here.

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