15 January 2024

7 benefits: FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX with Wi-Fi 6 and gigabit speed

FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX uses your home's electrical wiring to bring the home network to every corner of every room – with gigabit speeds and Wi-Fi 6. Find out more about the advantages of FRITZ!Powerline in this article.

As a particular highlight, the new FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX WLAN set has Wi-Fi 6 on board. This means you can upgrade your home network with gigabit via your home's electrical wiring and get optimal Wi-Fi where you need it: a wireless access point with full bandwidth including Wi-Fi 6 as well as two gigabit LAN ports on each of the two FRITZ!Powerline devices included in the set.

Using the electrical wiring of a home, FRITZ!Powerline brings your home network to places where technologies such as Wi-Fi or classic LAN cables are hard to reach. Data transmission is of course securely encrypted and FRITZ!Powerline ensures optimum signal strength.

Reinforced concrete ceilings, thick walls and long distances do not slow down FRITZ!Powerline. You can therefore expand the FRITZ! home network wherever you need reliable data transfer, for example for streaming. FRITZ!Powerline establishes the connection, be it in the garden shed, attic or for the basement. Even if the telephone jack for your internet connection is too far away from the FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!Powerline can bridge the distance. The main thing to remember is that if electrical wiring is available, then the message is always: a FRITZ!Powerline network can be formed.

Thanks to FRITZ! Mesh, FRITZ!Powerline is optimally set up for FRITZ!Box. Wi-Fi settings are automatically used across the Mesh so devices always receive the optimal connection. The combination of FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Powerline also ensures that any interference is avoided.

FRITZ!Powerline scores point for its particularly low power consumption thanks to intelligent power-saving features, with FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX using the latest generation of chipsets for this purpose. Together with your FRITZ!Box, you have an efficient duo that combines outstanding performance and energy-optimized operation.

Setting up FRITZ!Powerline is super easy: the connection between FRITZ!Powerline devices purchased as a set is established automatically. Connect FRITZ!Powerline 1210 with your FRITZ!Box via LAN. Connected to your home network via the electrical wiring, the FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX brings Wi-Fi to where you need it and is quickly and easily integrated into the Mesh at the touch of a button. Your FRITZ!Powerline Set is ready in no time.

You can find information about the current status of FRITZ!Powerline either in its own user interface, in the FRITZ!Box user interface or using the FRITZ!Powerline software, which is available to download for Windows and MacOS. In addition, you benefit from regular updates for your FRITZ!Powerline product with increased stability and new features.