27 March 2023

An efficient backup strategy in 3 steps

Did you know you can back up your FRITZ!Box configuration settings and telephony data? This not only protects against data loss, but is also helpful and saves time when setting up a new FRITZ!Box, for example. Find out how to create a backup quickly and easily here.

What is a backup?

A backup is the process of creating a copy of data and settings. This allows the original state to be restored, e.g. due to a loss of data.

Did you know, you can also create a backup of your FRITZ!Box? Back up all or only certain settings (e.g. Wi-Fi settings, FRITZ!Box users) and, if necessary, you can restore the last functioning configuration with next to no effort.

When you get a new FRITZ!Box, you'll probably want to replace your previous one - in this case, a backup is not only helpful, but also saves you time. With just a few clicks, the new FRITZ!Box is set up. This applies not only to internet access or telephony, but also to individual settings, Smart Home templates or port sharing. You can find more reasons why a backup is recommended in our guide.

3 steps to backing up your FRITZ!Box

Step 1 – save the FRITZ!Box settings

The first step is completed with just a few clicks in the FRITZ!Box user interface under "System > Backup". Here you can export all settings as a backup file, which is protected with a previously defined password for security.
Tip: Be sure to keep the password in a safe place. The backup file can be used only after the password has been entered.

Step 2 – save telephony data

In addition to the settings, it's recommended to save telephony data (e.g. telephone book pictures, ringtones, answering machine messages) directly afterwards with a couple more clicks.
Tip: If you use a USB storage device on your FRITZ!Box, there may be additional telephony data on it depending on your settings. Additionally, all data can be downloaded and saved from the USB storage device via FRITZ!NAS.

Step 3 – a backup of a backup

The backup files can be saved to your PC, an external hard drive, a USB stick or online in the cloud. A backup of the backup - it is recommended to store backups in several places. This means you have backup in case one of the files is damaged or lost. Thanks to FRITZ!NAS, you can additionally save the backup file of your FRITZ!Box and all other backups centrally and then access them with all network devices.

Tip: automatic backup

Besides the manual backup described here, your FRITZ!Box offers you the option of an automatic backup. The "Save Settings" push service automatically sends an email with the backup file before every update and each time the factory settings are loaded.