Press release
13 December 2023
AVM market launch of FRITZ!DECT 350

More diversity in the Smart Home: The new FRITZ!DECT 350 door/window contact is now available

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  • Perfectly integrated into the FRITZ! home network
  • Easy to mount
  • Save heating costs

The FRITZ!DECT 350 magnetic door/window contact is now available for the FRITZ! Smart Home. The compact FRITZ!DECT 350 can be attached to doors or windows and immediately detects whether they're open or closed. The sensor is perfectly matched to the FRITZ! home network and, together with the FRITZ!DECT 302 and 301 smart radiator controls, can help save heating energy – which is good news for the environment and users' wallets. Scenes such as "If window open, then turn down the heating" are super easy to set up. All FRITZ! Smart Home and compatible Zigbee devices can also be controlled with the FRITZ!DECT 350, allowing users to configure many more scenes and routines. For additional security, the status of the sensor, for instance, open/closed windows, can be checked in the FRITZ!App Smart Home, on the FRITZ!Fon and in FRITZ!OS. The FRITZ!DECT 350 is so small that it can mounted using the adhesive strip included in the package so that it is hidden between the window frame and the sash in many windows with Eurofold.

Easy to install, a range of uses

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, FRITZ!DECT 350 can be attached to almost any door or window frame. Many modern windows with Eurofold allow FRITZ!DECT 350 to be installed "invisibly" between the window frame and the window sash. Thanks to its discreet design, FRITZ!DECT 350 blends unobtrusively into any environment.

When the basement door is opened, should the light come on automatically and then turn off again after a few minutes? When has a pet used the cat/dog flap? Has the mail already arrived and has the mailbox been opened? - FRITZ!DECT 350 offers a range of everyday application options.

Connect, set up and get started

FRITZ!DECT 350 is integrated into the home network in just a few minutes: insert the batteries, press the Connect button on the FRITZ!Box or connect via the FRITZ!App Smart Home and the FRITZ!DECT 350 is registered. Individual settings can be configured conveniently in the FRITZ!Box user interface. Regular updates keep FRITZ!DECT 350 up to date and secure, and bring new features and added convenience. The updates are free and are installed automatically via the FRITZ!Box.

The specifications at a glance

  • Magnetic door/window contact
  • DECT ULE sensor, tuned to FRITZ!Box with DECT base station
  • Detects open doors and open or tilted windows
  • Saves energy directly in combination with the FRITZ!DECT 302 and 301 radiator controls
  • Controls all switchable FRITZ! Smart Home and compatible Zigbee devices
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): Sensor 91 x 24 x 12 mm; Magnet 28.5 x 15 x 6.5 mm