Press release
29 August 2023
AVM at IFA 2023

New from FRITZ! for fiber optic, Wi-Fi 7 and Smart Home

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  • Top model for fiber optic/DSL: FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro with tri-band Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 7, Zigbee
  • Premiere: FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable brings Wi-Fi 7 and Zigbee to cable connections
  • Premiere: Smart FRITZ!DECT 350 door/window contact for efficient heating
  • Detect power guzzlers: New energy display for FRITZ!DECT 200/210
  • Versatile Smart Home: Showcases at the stand for Matter and Zigbee

AVM is presenting "Powerful Connections" at the IFA from 1 to 5 September, featuring FRITZ! highlights for fiber optic connections, Wi-Fi 7 and the Smart Home. All innovations offer users a versatile and future-proof digital home that helps save energy and offers even more convenient operation. The IFA spotlight is on the new premium model FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro, which combines fiber optic and DSL in a single device. In addition, it is a powerful tri-band Wi-Fi router that uses fast Wi-Fi 7. The integrated Smart Home standard Zigbee, along with DECT ULE, makes the high-end FRITZ!Box into an extremely versatile Smart Home control center. The new, considerably more powerful Wi-Fi 7 standard is also supported by the FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable. You can expect greater speed and lower latency in your wireless home network. The new FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX, tailored to the FRITZ!Box Mesh for fast data transmission over the power lines, will also be presented at the IFA. Another focus is on the Smart Home and energy efficiency. The new FRITZ!DECT 350 door/window contact assists in saving heating costs. The FRITZ!DECT 200/210 smart plugs receive a new energy display on MyFRITZ!Net so that energy costs can be evaluated and optimized over the long term. Two showcases for Matter and Zigbee at the stand demonstrate how versatile the FRITZ!Box Smart Home is. A preview of the MyFRITZ!App shows how intuitive configuration of the FRITZ!Box can be using a smartphone or tablet. All other FRITZ! products for versatile home networking, like the in Germany already available FRITZ!Fon X6 and the FRITZ!Smart Gateway can also be viewed at the large AVM stand in Hall 10.2.

In another press release, we will present the planned FRITZ! products in more detail.