Terms of use

Media representatives are permitted to use certain elements and trademarks from AVM websites, such as AVM press images and videos, online and in print media. The following conditions apply

  1. The latest version of the "License Agreement" applies. By using elements or trademarks, you consent to these terms.
  2. Please only use individual elements of our website.
  3. The overall appearance of your website should be dominated by elements other than the AVM elements used. In particular, this means that an average, knowledgeable user of your site should not be given the misleading impression that they are using an AVM website, the website of a company affiliated to AVM, or a company with especially close ties to AVM.
  4. AVM must be named as the source of each individual element. If, for example, copyright notices are present, they may not be distorted, rendered indecipherable, removed, or rendered illegible in any other way.
  5. If, for example, the design of your website results in third parties asserting claims against AVM (as a result of alleged infringements of trademark rights, for example), you are to indemnify us from the claims of the aforementioned third party on first demand. This does not apply in the event that an element of the AVM website used by you results in such third-party claims irrespective of the design of your website.
  6. If, in individual cases, AVM consents to the use of individual elements, this does not relieve you of your obligation to conduct your own checks (including with respect to legal matters), in particular in relation to the design and content of your website. The preceding conditions and terms of use continue to apply in unaltered form even in the event of such a check.