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Info to FRITZ!Repeater 6000

Product: 	FRITZ!Repeater 6000
Version:        FRITZ!OS 7.57

Language:       German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch

Release Date:   04/09/2023

New features with FRITZ!OS 7.56

  • Changed country and language settings of the FRITZ!Box (Mesh Master) are automatically transmitted to the FRITZ!Repeater
  • Better dynamic smart repeating provides higher data throughputs for devices that are connected with the FRITZ!Repeater
  • Improved handling of radar detection and Wi-Fi auto channel
  • Support for the simplified replacement of a FRITZ!Box with new wizard (FRITZ!Box with FRITZ!OS 7.55)

Further Improvements of FRITZ!OS 7.57

  • Fixed stability and security increased
  • Changed Wi-Fi 6 signal fields adjusted

Improvements and changes with FRITZ!OS 7.56

Improved - Optimized system performance and stability Improved - Corrections to details in the settings for individual names for the Wi-Fi networks Improved - Improvements for the channel selection settings Improved - Improved detection and automatic handling of network loops Improved - Calculation of radar wait time (DFS) based on a frequency range with a channel bandwidth of 20 MHz Improved - Handling for display of connections when using certain network switches Improved - Improved automatic channel selection on the 5-GHz band in cases of Radar interference (7530) Improved - Changed behavior of buttons at the lower end of the page Improved - Several improvements of the user interface

Changed - The push service for the Wi-Fi guest access sends registration/deregistration events of the guest devices from the Mesh Repeater or Mesh Master with which they are registered Changed - Expanded keyword search in the menu under "Help and Info"; display of results in the Help Changed - New contents under "Help and Info > Get to Know the Functions" Changed - MAC Filter is limited to 128 entries

New features with FRITZ!OS 7.29

  • Improved automatic setup of a LAN connection of the FRITZ!Repeater to a FRITZ!Box with Mesh [1]
  • Improved assistent for inital setup and the change of the connetion type (LAN connection / WiFi connection)
  • Improved WiFI stability and performance

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 7.29

  • Improved Improved interoperability with other WiFi-Routers
  • Improved List of trusted certification authorities updated
  • Improved Stability improvements

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 7.27

  • Improved Improved confirmation message when adoption of settings in the Mesh disabled
  • Improved Improved confirmation message when network settings changed
  • Improved Improved messages on Wi-Fi under "System / Event Log"
  • Improved Detection of multiple parallel WPS activations improved
  • Improved Reworked messages on DFS wait time under "System / Event Log"
  • Improved Naming of Wi-Fi guest access (SSID, preassigned) depends on selected language
  • Fixed Vulnerabilities in the processing of incoming fragmented frames and aggregated MPDUs (A-MPDU) fixed ("Fragatttack")
  • Fixed WPS for the Wi-Fi Guest Access did not work reliably with non-encrypted Wi-Fi
  • Fixed In some cases, the 5 GHz connection was not established immediately after connectiong with WPS
  • Fixed Data transfer could be interrupted when switching from 5 GHz to 2,4 GHz when the FRITZ!Repeater has a weak 5 GHz signal
  • Fixed Interruption while streaming video when using IPv6 connections
  • Fixed After connecting the FRITZ!Repeater to the FRITZ!Box, in some cases only the 2,4 GHz connection was established
  • Fixed - Improved maximum throughput when used with current Apple iOS and MacOS devices
  • Fixed WiFi power setting could not be changed in LAN-bridge mode
  • Fixed Interruption of the LAN connection after a restart of the FRITZ!Repeater
  • Fixed Wrong tip regarding the use of the FRITZ!Box password when mesh is not activated
  • Fixed Changes in the network settings were not applied when the user switched between different settings
  • Fixed Number of messages in "System / Event Log" was too smal in some areas
  • Fixed When parallel WPS registrations were detected they were not ended reliably
  • Fixed Wrong default country after setting factory defaults (only for german editions of FRITZ!Repeater)
  • Fixed The "Support" page could no longer be opened directly
  • Fixed Unintentional display of LAN port settings
  • Fixed Wrong timestamp for the last FRITZ!OS update
  • Fixed In rare cases, multiple radar wait times occurred in the 5-GHz band followed by lost connections
  • Fixed In rare cases, the 5-GHz connection to the FRITZ!Box was lost
  • Fixed When Wi-Fi standard switched from "11a+n" to "11n+ac", problems with channel assignments occurred in some cases
  • Fixed Incorrect message under "System / Event Log" for WPS during DFS wait time

[1] Automatic detection an configuration of operating mode

For configuration of a FRITZ!Repeater in "LAN Bridge" mode (using a repeater connected with the FRITZ!Box by cable as the wireless access point), previously the FRITZ!Repeater user interface had to be opened. Making this setting is no longer necessary with this lab version - the FRITZ!Repeater automatically detects the operating mode.

  • Factory settings must be configured in the FRITZ!Repeater (to reset the factory settings: Wait 2 minutes for the FRITZ!Repeater to be completely startet, than press and hold the button on the repeater for at least 15 seconds).
  • Remove the repeater from the outlet.
  • Connect the FRITZ!Repeater with any LAN port on the FRITZ!Box via LAN cable.
  • Insert the FRITZ!Repeater into an electrical outlet. Upon starting, the repeater is already set to "LAN Bridge" mode.
  • Now enable the repeater for Mesh (press briefly on the button on the repeater, and briefly on the "Connect/WPS" or "WPS" button on the FRITZ!Box). Now the repeater adopts the settings and forms a Mesh Wi-Fi with the FRITZ!Box. More information on this subject is available at en.avm.de/mesh.
  • If you want to switch back to a connection of the FRITZ!Repeater to the FRITZ!Box via WiFi, remove the LAN-cabel from the FRITZ!Repeater and repeat the process without connecting a LAN-Cable

Restoring factory defaults

To reset the FRITZ!Repeater to factory settings: Wait 2 minutes for the FRITZ!Repeater to be completely startet, then press and hold the button on the repeater for at least 15 seconds

Enabling the Mesh Function

To check whether a FRITZ! product is enabled for Mesh, see the "Mesh Overview" of the FRITZ!Box (the Mesh Master) under "fritz.box / Home Network / Mesh". Here the products in the Mesh are designated with a corresponding "Mesh active" icon.

A FRITZ!Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline adapter can be enabled for Mesh in various ways:

  • If the FRITZ!Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline adapter has the factory settings configured and is being connected with the FRITZ!Box via WPS for the first time, it will be automatically enabled for Mesh.
  • If the FRITZ!Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline adapter is already connected, but not enabled for Mesh, it is added to the Mesh by pressing a button on the product to be integrated and a button on the FRITZ!Box. On the FRITZ!Box, use the button that initiates WPS: depending on the model, press the "Connect" or "WPS" button briefly, or the "WLAN/WPS" button for 6 seconds

Detailed instructions, additional information and the answers to frequently asked questions about Mesh are presented at en.avm.de/mesh-faq.

Set factory default For restoring the repeater to factory defaults, press the "Connect" button for 15 seconds

We recommend to always keep all your FRITZ!-Products up to date as every update also improves security features of FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater