Connecting a FRITZ!Repeater with the Mesh Repeater via Wi-Fi (cascading)

You want to connect a FRITZ!Repeater to an existing FRITZ!Repeater via Wi-Fi? ✔ Find out how to cascade them here.

You can cascade several Mesh Repeaters in the Mesh. This type of cascading makes it possible for you to extend your home network in a specific direction beyond the Wi-Fi range of a Mesh Repeater.

This means that not only can you connect your FRITZ!Repeater with the FRITZ!Box (Mesh Master), you can also connect it with an already existing Mesh Repeater. It does not matter whether the existing Mesh Repeater is another FRITZ!Repeater, a FRITZ!Box, or a FRITZ!Powerline device, or whether the Mesh Repeater is connected via LAN or Wi-Fi.

In this guide we show you how to connect your new FRITZ!Repeater via Wi-Fi with an already existing Mesh Repeater.

Example of Wi-Fi cascading with two FRITZ!Repeaters

Requirements / Restrictions

  • The existing Mesh Repeater is connected with the Mesh Master and is marked with the Mesh symbol in the Mesh Overview.

Note:All instructions on configuration and settings given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for the FRITZ!Repeater.

1 Determining the ideal arrangement of the Mesh Repeaters

To ensure that the data is transported quickly to the Mesh Master without bottlenecks, arrange the Mesh Repeaters in descending order in the cascade according to their respective performance features. The most powerful Mesh Repeater is connected to the FRITZ!Box and the least powerful Mesh Repeater is used at the end of the cascade.

The most powerful repeaters are tri-band repeaters (for example FRITZ!Repeater 6000, FRITZ!Box 4060). Dual-band repeaters (for example FRITZ!Repeater 2400, FRITZ!Powerline 1260E) are almost as powerful, and the least powerful repeaters are single-band repeaters (for example FRITZ!Repeater 600, FRITZ!Powerline 1240E).

If the Mesh Repeater has a LAN port and your house is wired, we recommend using a network cable to establish the connection. Since connections via network cable, unlike Wi-Fi connections, are not subject to interference, data is always transported with the maximum data rate.

2 Loading the FRITZ!Repeater's factory settings

To perform the following steps, the new FRITZ!Repeater must be set to factory settings:

  1. Push and hold down the Connect button for about 15 seconds.
  2. The status LED now indicates by alternately flashing and lighting up that the factory settings are being loaded and that the FRITZ!Repeater is being restarted. This process may take several minutes.
  3. The status LED flashes continuously for at least 1 minute as soon as the factory settings have finished loading.

3 Connecting the FRITZ!Repeater with the existing Mesh Repeater

During setup, it does not matter which button you push first. We recommend the following order:

  1. For setup, plug the new FRITZ!Repeater into a power outlet near the existing Mesh Repeater. Now the new FRITZ!Repeater starts. During this time, the status LED flashes quickly.
  2. Wait about 1 minute until the new FRITZ!Repeater has started and the status LED flashes slower.
  3. Briefly push the Connect button on the new FRITZ!Repeater (for about 1 second) and release it again. When you release the button, the status LED starts to flash.
  4. Within 2 minutes: Push the Connect button on the existing Mesh Repeater for the time indicated in the table:
    Mesh RepeaterConnect buttonDuration
    FRITZ!Box 6690, 4060 Connect about 1 second
    FRITZ!Box 7690, 7590 (AX), 7530 (AX), 7520, 7510, 6890, 6670, 6660, 6591, 6590 Connect / WPS about 1 second
    FRITZ!Box 7490, 7430, 6490, 6430 WLAN WPS about 6 seconds
    FRITZ!Box 7560, 7362 SL WLAN about 6 seconds
    FRITZ!Box 7583, 7582, 7581, 7580, 4040, 4020, 3490 WPS about 1 second
    FRITZ!Repeater Connect or WPS about 1 second
    FRITZ!Powerline 1260(E) Connect about 1 second
    FRITZ!Powerline 1240E WLAN - WPS
    Powerline - Security
    about 1 second
    FRITZ!Powerline 546E, 540E WLAN · WPS about 1 second
  5. One or more of the new FRITZ!Repeater's signal strength LEDs remain lit as soon as the Wi-Fi connection is established.

4 Adding a FRITZ!Repeater to the Mesh

  1. Briefly push the Connect button on the new FRITZ!Repeater (for about 1 second) and release it again. When you release the button, the status LED starts to flash quickly.
  2. Within 2 minutes: Push the Connect button on the FRITZ!Box (Mesh Master) until the Connect LED (see table) lights up. Other LEDs may also light up:
    FRITZ!Box modelConnect buttonConnect LED
    FRITZ!Box 6690, 4060 Connect Connect
    FRITZ!Box 7690, 7590 (AX), 7530 (AX), 7520, 7510, 6890, 6850, 6670, 6660, 5590, 5530 Connect / WPS Connect / WPS
    FRITZ!Box 6591, 6590 Connect / WPS WLAN / DECT
    FRITZ!Box 7490, 7430, 5491, 5490 WLAN WPS WLAN / Info
    FRITZ!Box 6490, 6430 WLAN WPS WLAN / DECT
    FRITZ!Box 7560, 7362 SL WLAN WLAN / DECT
    FRITZ!Box 7583, 7582, 7581, 7580 WPS WLAN / Info
    FRITZ!Box 6820, 4040, 4020, 3490 WPS WLAN
  3. The FRITZ!Repeater is fully integrated into the Mesh about 5 seconds after one or more signal strength LEDs on the new FRITZ!Repeater remain lit.

5 Finding the ideal location for the FRITZ!Repeater

To extend the range as much as possible, the new FRITZ!Repeater requires a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection to the existing Mesh Repeater:

  1. Position the FRITZ!Repeater so that at least three of its five signal strength LEDs light up. You can find tips on positioning it in the guide Finding the ideal location for FRITZ!Repeater.