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Beep is heard when conducting calls with cordless telephones

When conducting calls with a cordless telephone, you hear an annoying beep every two seconds or at irregular intervals.

1 Disabling the verification tone in the DECT repeater

The following step is only necessary if you always hear the beep and the cordless telephone is connected to the FRITZ!Box over a DECT repeater from another manufacturer (for example Gigaset, Hama or Swissvoice):

Note:The "verification tone" is enabled in the DECT repeater. The tone indicates that the cordless telephone and the DECT repeater are connected.

  1. Unplug the DECT repeater to switch it off.
  2. Briefly switch the DECT repeater on: plug the device in for about 3 seconds and unplug it again.
  3. Switch the DECT repeater on again.
  4. When the indicator light on the DECT repeater starts to flash slowly, switch it back off.
  5. Switch the DECT repeater on again.

Note:Since the DECT Repeater is a device from another manufacturer, we cannot answer any further questions if the verification tone cannot be switched off this way. In this case, contact the manufacturer directly.