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Maximum number of incoming call blocks and call diversions

In the FRITZ!Box, you can set up call blocks for incoming calls to block calls from unwanted callers. You can also divert calls to a specific destination depending on the caller's telephone number. However, the number of calling rules based on a caller's number (caller ID) you can set up is limited to 32. These calling rules include:

  • Call blocks for incoming calls
  • Call diversion for "Calls by a person in the telephone book"
  • Call diversion for "Calls from the telephone number"

If you need more than 32 of these calling rules, you can reduce the number of call blocks:

  • Save all of the numbers you want to block in a telephone book and then set up a block for the telephone book. This calling rule counts as one rule no matter how many telephone numbers you save in this telephone book.
  • You can block entire number ranges.

You configured 12 call blocks for incoming calls and 10 call diversions for persons in the telephone book. This means you can still set up 10 call diversions for calls from specific telephone numbers.
If you save the 12 numbers for incoming calls in a telephone book and block the telephone book, you can set up 31 call diversions instead of just 20.