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Extending the DECT range of the FRITZ!Box with a repeater

You can register FRITZ!DECT Repeaters or commercially available DECT repeaters from other manufacturers with your FRITZ!Box and thus extend the range of your FRITZ!Box's DECT radio network. Your telephones will then automatically register with the device with the strongest signal.

Up to six DECT repeaters can be registered with the FRITZ!Box. It is not possible to register a repeater with a different repeater (cascading) and use FRITZ!DECT repeaters and repeaters from other manufacturers in parallel.

Note:The FRITZ!Box itself cannot be used as a DECT repeater and also does not function as one when used as a Mesh Repeater. However, in the FRITZ! Mesh you can register your cordless telephones with the Mesh Master and the Mesh Repeater and manually select the desired access point as necessary.

1 Connecting FRITZ!DECT Repeater with a FRITZ!Box

  1. Connect the FRITZ!DECT Repeater with the FRITZ!Box

2 Connecting a DECT repeater from another manufacturer to FRITZ!Box

  1. Connect the DECT repeater from another manufacturer to FRITZ!Box

    Important:When using repeaters from other manufacturers, a maximum of two of the telephones located in the reception area of the repeater ring when you receive calls. In addition, not all of the convenience functions offered by FRITZ!Fon are available then.