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Conducting a three-party conference call

A three-party conference call is a call where one participant (initiator) initiates a telephone conference with two other participants. The initiator calls the other two parties first and then connects the calls to form a conference, so that everyone can speak with everyone else.

1 Making a three-party conference call

  1. Press the R key on your telephone while speaking with the first party.

    Note:If your FRITZ!Fon does not have an actual R key, the R key is displayed when you conduct a call (soft key). The key directly below the symbol functions as the R key.

  2. Enter the external telephone number or ** and the internal number of the second party.
  3. When the second party accepts the call, enter R3. The three-party conference is set up. Any party can hang up. The two other parties remain connected.

2 Interrupting a three-party conference call

  1. If you want to interrupt the three-party conference call, enter R2. You with then be speaking with the first party and holding the second call.
  2. If you want to switch back and forth (toggle) between the parties now, enter R2.
    • If you want to return to the three-party conference call, enter R3.
    • If you want to continue the active call and end the other call, enter R1.
    • If you want to end the active call and continue the other call:
      1. End the active call.
      2. Wait until your telephone rings and pick up the receiver.