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Power LED does not light up

The Power LED on the FRITZ!Box does not light up or is very dim.

Simply proceed as described below. After each measure, check whether the problem is solved.

1 Plugging the FRITZ!Box in

  1. Plug the FRITZ!Box into a power outlet where other devices work.

2 Restarting the FRITZ!Box

  1. Unplug the FRITZ!Box for 5 seconds.

    Note:The FRITZ!Box settings are retained when you unplug it. The restart takes about 2 minutes. During this time, you cannot access the FRITZ!Box.

If the Power LED lights up now, the FRITZ!Box's LEDs were disabled.

3 Checking whether the FRITZ!Box is working properly

  1. Check whether you can open the FRITZ!Box user interface or establish internet connections over the FRITZ!Box.
  2. If you can open the user interface and establish internet connections, only the Power LED is defective and you can continue to use your FRITZ!Box as usual.