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Take advantage of spectacular wireless speeds and dramatic increases in range with new, ultra fast Wireless AC. Discover the top model for Internet, telephony, and multimedia.

VDSL/ADSLWireless ACWireless NDECTUSBTelephonyMedia
VDSL/ADSLDual Wireless NDECTUSBTelephonyMedia

The FRITZ!Box 7390 is perfectly equipped to deliver impressive performance, both for your Internet connection and a diverse range of home networking applications. With high-speed Wireless LAN, an sophisticated telephone system, answering machines, and a media server, it is able to meet all your communication needs.

FRITZ!Box 7360
VDSL/ADSLWireless NDECTUSBTelephonyMedia

The FRITZ!Box 7360 is ideal for home networking, as it combines both a high-performance ADSL/VDSL modem and a wireless router in a single device. It also raises the bar with a sophisticated telephone system, a media server, gigabit LAN, and USB ports.

FRITZ!Box 7330
ADSLWireless NDECTUSBTelephonyMedia

Welcome to the world of convenient home networking! With Wireless N, gigabit LAN, USB connectivity, a sophisticated telephone system, answering machines and a media server, the FRITZ!Box 7330 meets all your communication needs.

ADSLWireless NDECTUSBTelephonyMedia

The FRITZ!Box 7272 connects your computers, smartphones, tablets, and other network-enabled devices both with each other and with the Internet. High-speed wireless LAN technology dramatically increases network range and delivers impressive speeds of up to 450 Mbit/s.

VDSL/ADSLWireless ACDual WirelessGigabit LANUSBMedia

Because the FRITZ!Box 3490 uses two wireless networks at the same time, this new device is the perfect wireless hotspot for all computers, smartphones and tablets. Ultra-fast Wireless AC + N with up to 1300 Mbit/s, 4 gigabit LAN ports and two USB 3.0 ports fulfill every communications wish.

VDSL/ADSLDual Wireless NUSBMedia

The simultaneous use of two wireless networks makes the FRITZ!Box 3390 the perfect wireless hotspot for all computers, smartphones, and tablets. With high-speed wireless LAN at 450 Mbit/s, gigabit LAN, and two USB ports, it leaves nothing to be desired.

FRITZ!Box 3370

The FRITZ!Box 3370 combines VDSL, high-performance wireless LAN, and lightning-fast home networking in a single device. It is ideal for all networked applications, such as IPTV, video on demand, and media streaming.

FRITZ!Box 3272
ADSLWireless NUSBMedia

The FRITZ!Box 3272 is perfect for digital entertainment, with high-speed wireless LAN and a built-in media server making home networking more fun. What’s more, it’s exceptionally energy-efficient and can be regularly enhanced with free updates.


FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable
CableWireless ACWireless NDECTUSBTelephonyMedia

The FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable makes the complete FRITZ!Box range of functions available for the cable connection: The comprehensive telephone system, the lightning fast Wireless AC and gigabit Ethernet provide for best connections for all your devices.

CableWireless NDECTUSBTelephonyMedia

The FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable allows you to enjoy the full range of FRITZ!Box features with cable connections: a versatile telephone system, high-speed wireless LAN, and gigabit LAN ensure optimum connectivity for all devices.


FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE
LTEWireless NDECTUSBTelephonyMedia

The FRITZ!Box 6840 brings high-speed Internet to your home via modern LTE mobile broadband. It supports all available LTE networks, making it the ideal alternative if DSL and cable aren’t available. With top-quality features and a sophisticated telephone system, the FRITZ!Box is the perfect fit for all your home networking needs.

FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE
LTEWireless NDECTTelephony

The compact design of the FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE is perfectly suited for LTE wireless broadband and also enables high-speed Internet in locations where DSL and cable aren’t available. The FRITZ!Box connects your devices securely to each other and to the Internet. Modern wireless LAN ensures maximum speeds and range on your home network.