Wi-Fi Protected Access 3

To use WPA3 in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 10, the following three things are required:  

  • the latest Windows 10 Build ("version 1903" or later)  
  • a compatible wireless device ("client")
  • support for WPA3 for the respective wireless device (device driver support)  

For the FRITZ!Box to automatically offer a WPA3 connection to corresponding wireless devices, the WPA2 + WPA3 mode must be selected in the WLAN / Security menu. A successful negotiation can be verified in FRITZ!Box on the WLAN / radio network page.

For older wireless devices or hardware there is unfortunately often no suitable driver support available. This includes all FRITZ!WLAN Sticks. Support for WPA3 includes the latest generation from the "INTEL AX200" product series.

The Windows 10 Build 1903 can be installed manually via "Windows Update", if not already installed automatically.  

WPA3-secured connections require you to activate "Protected Management Frames (PMF; 802.11w)". This also applies to parallel WPA2 connections in WPA mode "WPA2 + WPA3" ("transition mode").


Info for users of older Apple devices

WPA3 is only supported on Apple devices with iOS / iPadOS 13 or later. Apple devices with an older version of iOS are unforunately not able to establish wireless connections in WPA mode "WPA2 + WPA3".