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FRITZ!Repeater 6000 / 7.58

FRITZ!OS is the software of the FRITZ!Repeater. Use the online update function to easily download the current FRITZ!OS version into your FRITZ!Repeater.

New performance characteristics:
  • Improvements with FRITZ!OS 7.58
  • **Fixed** In certain cases, interference occurred when using media receivers on the LAN port of the repeater
  • **Fixed** Network devices were sometimes incorrectly displayed as belonging to a guest network
  • **Fixed** Packets were lost when the connection of a Wi-Fi band (2.4 or 5 GHz) was cleared
  • **Fixed** The network connection could get lost permanently when devices with a specific chipset were used
  • **Fixed** Robustness when transmitting very small network packets (UDP) was increased
  • **Fixed** Sometimes repeater was briefly displayed with an incorrect IP address in the FRITZ!Box
  • **Fixed** Wi-Fi connection was only established on one band (2.4 or 5 GHz) on FRITZ! products with Wi-Fi 7 if different names (SSIDs) were given to the two bands in the FRITZ!Box
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15 May 2024