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    Customer satisfaction
    1. Notes on the use of email addresses for our customer satisfaction surveys: click here

    2. In accordance with Section 7 of the German Act against Unfair Competition (UWG), we would like to inform you about the following:

      To make it easy for you to evaluate our service, we will send a link to our customer satisfaction survey to the email address provided.

      If you do not wish to receive the link, you can either notify us here or just use the corresponding link in the email sent by our support department.

      There will be no charges for replying or disagreeing with our sending you the link to our survey other than the actual cost of responding (for example possible charges for connection time).

      If you do not wish to receive the link, you can simply select the following option:

    3. If you receive the link to the customer satisfaction survey before your support request has been closed, you can still reply or edit your response up to three weeks after the last contact you have with the Support Department.

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