Forgot password for the user interface of FRITZ!Repeater

You forgot the password for the FRITZ!Repeater? ✔ Here you can find out how to log into the user interface again.

You can protect the user interface of your FRITZ!Repeater against unauthorized access with your own password. If you forgot the password, load the FRITZ!Repeater's factory settings. Then you can log in again and set a new password.

1 Loading the factory settings and reconfiguring the FRITZ!Repeater

Loading the factory settings

  1. Unplug the FRITZ!Repeater.
  2. Plug it in again after 5 seconds. The "FRITZ" symbol appears on the LED display after about 10 seconds:

    Fig.: "FRITZ" symbol

  3. Tap the left touch point 2 or 3 times until the "load factory settings" symbol appears:

    Fig.: "Loading factory settings" symbol

  4. Tap the middle of the LED display. The pulsating check "confirm entry" symbol now appears on the LED display:

    Fig.: "Confirm entry" symbol

  5. Tap the middle of the LED display again. Now the FRITZ!Repeater restarts and loads the factory settings.
  6. The "run WPS for the first time" symbol is displayed on the LED display as soon as the factory settings have finished loading:

    Fig.: "Run WPS for the first time" symbol

Setting up the FRITZ!Repeater