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FRITZ!Powerline and electromagnetic interference

Using FRITZ!Powerline adapters should not interfere with radio technologies such as amateur radio.

Electrical devices are subject to standards that limit the emission of high-frequency interference. The standard EN 50561-1 (Power line communication apparatus used in low-voltage installations - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits and methods of measurement - Part 1: Apparatus for in-home use) applies to FRITZ!Powerline adapters.

Radio reception is generally restricted to the FM band between 87.20 MHz and 108.00 MHz. FRITZ!Powerline's frequency range is well below the FM band. Within the frequency bands of amateur radio, FRITZ!Powerline adapters transmit at a lower level. The transmitter power is comparatively low anyway, and due to symmetrical coupling, an even smaller part of it is radiated through the power line.