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Sorting the telephone book by first or last name

The order in which the telephone book contacts in FRITZ!Fon are sorted depends on how the names were entered in the FRITZ!Box telephone book (first name last name or last name first name). This means that you must manually edit all of the contacts in your telephone book if you want to change the order in which they are displayed.

If you have large telephone books, we recommend using the "Vanity" search mode that you can enable under "Menu > Telephone > Options". This search mode takes both the first and last names of your contacts into account and reduces the number of entries displayed each time you press a key. Normally you only have to press keys two or three times to find the contact you are looking for.

Press the 7 key to see all of the contacts whose first or last names begin with "P", "Q", "R" or "S". Refine the search result by pressing the key for the second letter of the name: For example, if you press the 2 key, you will only see the contacts for the names "PAul", "SAbine", "SChmidt" or "RAabe".

Fig.: Keypad with letter assignment