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Using a headset

With your FRITZ!Fon, you can not only make hands-free calls using the "hands-free calling" function, you can also use a headset. The telephone has a socket for 3.5 mm jack plugs on its right side.

Standard headsets for mobile telephones with an earphone impedance of 32 Ohms and a microphone impedance in the range of 800-2200 ohms (+/- tolerance) are suitable. You can use stereo or mono headsets with the assignment shown below, although playback is always in mono. The mechanical protection of the plug should not exceed 7 mm to ensure good contact.

The headset is ready for use as soon as you have calibrated it with the wizard via "Menu > Settings > Audio > Setup headset > OK".

To our knowledge, iPhone headsets do not work with a FRITZ!Fon.

Fig.: Assignment of the 3.5 mm jack (stereo)

Fig.: Assignment of the 3.5 mm jack (mono)