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Recording telephone calls

With the FRITZ!Fon, you can record telephone conversations with external parties using an internal answering machine on the FRITZ!Box. Internal calls cannot be recorded. After recording, you can listen to the voice message on the answering machine.

1 Setting up an answering machine

The following steps are only necessary if you have not set up an answering machine in the FRITZ!Box yet:

  1. Set up an answering machine in the FRITZ!Box.

2 Recording a telephone call

  1. During a call, press the "Menu" key on the telephone.
  2. Click "Yes" when you are asked "Did all parties agree to recording call?".
  3. If you set up more than one answering machine in the FRITZ!Box, select the answering machine you want to record the call with.

Now the internal answering machine will record the call for up to 10 minutes. You cannot increase the recording time by connecting a USB storage device. After the call, the FRITZ!Box will signal an incoming call on the answering machine and you can play back the recording of the call. If you configured the answering machine to send messages via email, the recording is also sent to you by email.