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The SAR value for FRITZ!Fon

When in use, cordless telephones emit electromagnetic radiation that causes warming of the body tissue. The SAR value (SAR = specific absorption rate) indicates how much radiation the human body absorbs in W/kg (Watt per kilogram).

Like the majority of other manufacturers of DECT devices, we do not indicate the SAR value for this device class because the SAR value for cordless telephones is below 0.1 W/kg. The applicable SAR limit, however, is 2 W/kg.

Cordless telephones only transmit when a call is being conducted. The maximum permissible transmitter power is 250 mW per pulse. Due to the time slot method used, this results in an average radiated power of no more than 10 mW during a telephone call. According to EN 50360, the manufacturer is therefore not required to determine and indicate the SAR value to prove compliance with legal limits, as is normally the case with mobile telephones.