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Behavior of FRITZ!DECT smart plug in case of power or internet failure

If the FRITZ!Box loses power, all of the settings of the smart plugs, for example FRITZ!DECT 200, are retained and the devices continue to switch automatically. This is also the case if there is no internet connection or if the DECT connection to the FRITZ!Box is lost. If a smart plug itself does not have any power, it will of course not be able to switch.

However, the switching modes "sunrise/sunset" and "calendar" can only be executed for 7 days or for a maximum of 40 calendar entries. If there is still no power or a DECT or an internet connection, switching will no longer be performed.

If you configured a specific switching state for your smart plugs after a power failure in the user interface of your FRITZ!Box in the menu "Smart Home > Device Management" or "Devices and Groups", this switching state will be activated after the FRITZ!Box restarts.