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Identifying high-energy devices and saving costs with the FRITZ!DECT smart plug

You can easily identify energy-intensive devices in your household by testing them with a FRITZ!DECT smart plug. Then you can check how much power the device consumes in the FRITZ!Box user interface or in FRITZ!App Smart Home and take appropriate steps. For example, you can reduce power consumption by configuring automatic switching for the smart plug or switching it on and off manually with a FRITZ!DECT smart switch 440.

1 Recording power consumption

  1. Energy display on the profile page of the FRITZ!DECT smart plug
    Plug your FRITZ!DECT smart plug into a wall outlet and connect the device you want to check.
  2. Switch on the device and use it for a short time.
  3. Switch the device off again to also record power consumption in standby mode.
  4. In the "Smart Home" menu of the FRITZ!Box user interface, observe the current consumption of the device in real time on the “Energy Display” tab of the profile page of the smart plug. You can also do this with FRITZ!App Smart Home.
  5. Repeat these steps several times to receive representative results.

Based on the test results you can decide what steps to take in order to reduce the power consumption of the connected device. For example, you can Create a routine for the smart plug so that the connected device is only switched on automatically under predefined conditions. Or you can use the option "Switch off on standby" on the profile page of the FRITZ!DECT smart plug to switch it off automatically as soon as its power consumption falls below the specified value.
If the device's power consumption is excessively high, it may be worthwhile to replace it with a more energy-efficient model.