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Voice control of smart home devices (for example with Alexa)

FRITZ! products support numerous standardized interfaces, over which independent developers offer their own solutions for controlling smart plugs, for example FRITZ!DECT 200, radiator controls, for example FRITZ!DECT 302, or other smart home devices that are compatible with the FRITZ!Box. For example, Amazon offers a skill for Alexa that allow users to use voice control for FRITZ! products.

Virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa with Echo, Apple Siri with HomeKit, or Google Assistant with Home are cloud-based, meaning they have to be able to access smart home devices and their settings via the internet.

This requires the following settings in the FRITZ!Box:

  • Remote access from the internet, for example via MyFRITZ!
  • FRITZ!Box user with the rights "smart home" and "access from the internet allowed". The account information for this user must be made available to the assistant's provider.

    Important:Refer to the configuration instructions and data protection notice of the skill developer and the assistant's provider.

Currently, AVM does not offer a solution for voice control of smart home devices.