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Picking up a call from an answering machine or a different telephone (pickup)

If a telephone connected to your FRITZ!Box rings, you can also answer the call on another telephone connected to the FRITZ!Box instead. You can also pick up calls that have already been answered by an answering machine. The answering machine can either be connected to the FRITZ!Box, or it can be enabled directly in the FRITZ!Box.

Note:All instructions on configuration and settings given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for the FRITZ!Box.

1 Preparations

To pick up calls that were already answered by an answering machine, you must configure the device as an answering machine in the FRITZ!Box:

  1. Click "Telephony" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Telephony Devices" in the "Telephony" menu.
  3. If the answering machine already exists in the list of telephony devices, click the (Delete) button for the device.
  4. Click the "Configure New Device" button.
  5. If the answering machine is connected to an analog extension of the FRITZ!Box, enable the option "Answering machine", even if it is a telephone with an answering machine.

    Important:If the option is not available, both analog extensions are in use. Delete telephony device first and then configure the answering machine.

  6. Click "Next" and follow the instructions.

2 Picking up a call from an answering machine or a telephone

Configuring a telephone to use the keypad function

Keypad sequences are strings of characters and numbers that you can use to enable or disable functions. You can use keypad sequences immediately with telephones, such as FRITZ!Fon C5, that are registered with the base station of your FRITZ!Box. Before you can use them with a telephone connected to the "FON S0" port or a cordless telephone that is not registered with the FRITZ!Box's base station, you must enable the keypad function first:

  1. Configure the telephone so you can send keypad sequences (sequences of characters and numbers, such as *121#) and enter special characters such as * and # with it. On many telephones, you can configure this function in the menu "Operation at a PBX > Dialing options > Dial * and #".

Picking up a call

  1. Lift the receiver of the telephone you would like to pick up the call with and enter *09.

The call is picked up and you can speak with the caller.