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Entries are missing from the call list

The call list in the FRITZ!Box user interface is empty or individual entries are missing. In this guide, we describe the causes of the missing entries.

Note:All instructions on configuration and settings given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for the FRITZ!Box.

1 Calls cannot be logged

Outgoing calls that are not answered by the other party are never displayed in the call list.

2 Internal calls are not displayed

Internal calls between telephones connected to the FRITZ!Box are not shown in the call list.

3 Maximum number has been reached

The number of entries in the call list is limited. The call list contains up to 399 entries (including incoming and outgoing calls). If more entries are added, the oldest entries are deleted automatically.

4 FRITZ!Box was restarted

The FRITZ!Box initially saves the call list in its volatile (temporary) memory, and once an hour it saves the call list to its non-volatile (permanent) memory. The data is deleted from the volatile memory if you unplug your FRITZ!Box, for example using a timer, power strip, before the call list has been permanently saved. If you want to unplug your FRITZ!Box, you can manually save the call list data to the non-volatile memory. To do so, open the FRITZ!Box user interface and select "System > Backup > Restart" to restart your FRITZ!Box.

5 Telephone is not connected to the FRITZ!Box

Calls conducted with telephones that are not connected to the FRITZ!Box are never displayed in the FRITZ!Box's call list.