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Internet calls take a very long time to establish

When making internet calls, the complete number must be transmitted to the provider as a block (en bloc dialing). This means that the FRITZ!Box know the entire number. To make sure that you have finished entering the complete telephone number, the FRITZ!Box waits several seconds after the last digit has been entered before it transmits the number to your provider. In the case of landline calls, each digit is transmitted to your provider as soon as it is entered. This means that the call is set up by the provider as soon as you have entered the last digit. The differences in dialing methods mean that it takes much longer to establish internet calls than to make landline calls.

However, the dialing process is automatically shortened when you call known numbers and can be accelerated when you call unknown numbers:

  • Calls to numbers saved in the FRITZ!Box telephone book are always established without delay.
  • The FRITZ!Box stores all of the numbers that were successfully dialed until it is restarted. When you call this number in the future, it is dialed immediately.
  • To reduce the time it takes to call an unknown number, press the # key after entering the complete telephone number. This tells the FRITZ!Box that you have finished entering the number and it dials immediately.