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FRITZ!Box reports "ERROR: Entry conflicts with an internal rule" when configuring port sharing

You cannot share a TCP or UDP port in the FRITZ!Box. When you attempt to configure a port sharing rule, the message "ERROR: Entry conflicts with an internal rule" is displayed.

Port is used by the FRITZ!Box

The port you want to share is used by the FRITZ!Box itself and therefore cannot be shared with another network device.

Note:Many internet applications and server services allow you to change the ports for incoming connections. Information on how to set it up can be obtained from the manufacturer.

The FRITZ!Box uses the following ports:

  • TCP port 21 if the option "Internet access to your storage media via FTP/FTPS enabled" is enabled in the user interface
  • TCP port 443 if MyFRITZ! or internet access via HTTPS is enabled in the the user interface
  • TCP and UDP port 5060
  • UDP ports 7078-7110
  • TCP port 8089