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Setting up FRITZ!Box for use with a Fiber line

The FRITZ!Box is optimally prepared for use with Fiber Nederland. Simply connect the FRITZ!Box to the fiber optic connection and select Fiber as the internet service provider in the FRITZ!Box.

The complete FRITZ!Box range of functions for internet and multimedia is then available to all of the devices in your home network without restriction.

Important:Currently, we do not have any information about how to use Fiber's telephony function with the FRITZ!Box. As soon as we find out, we will update this guide.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • FRITZ!Box Fiber with SFP module "FRITZ!SFP AON"
  • Active fiber optic connection (AON) from Fiber. Currently it is not possible to use the FRITZ!Box directly with a passive fiber optic connection (GPON).

    Note:With a GPON network, you can configure the FRITZ!Box for "Internet connection via 'LAN 1'" and use it behind the fiber optic modem from Fiber.

Note:All instructions on configuration and settings given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for the FRITZ!Box.

1 Inserting the SFP module into the FRITZ!Box

The FRITZ!Box is available in several different product variants, each of which is delivered with different components. If there was no SFP module inserted in your FRITZ!Box, perform the following steps:

  1. Insert the SFP module "FRITZ!SFP AON" into the fiber slot of the FRITZ!Box.
    Inserting the SFP module into the FRITZ!Box

2 Connecting the FRITZ!Box to your fiber optic connection

  1. Remove the dust protection caps from the fiber optic cable, the SFP module in the FRITZ!Box, and from the fiber optic socket (OTO).
  2. Connect the fiber optic cable to the SFP module in the FRITZ!Box and to the fiber optic socket. Do not bend the fiber optic cable and do not hold the ends of the cable in front of your eyes.

    Note:You can find information on selecting a suitable fiber optic cable in our guide Which fiber optic cable do I need?

    Connecting the FRITZ!Box to the fiber optic connection

3 Plugging the FRITZ!Box in

  1. Plug the power adapter into the FRITZ!Box's power socket and plug it into a power outlet.

4 Configuring the internet connection in the FRITZ!Box

  1. Open the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Enter the FRITZ!Box password on the bottom of the device and click "Log In".
  3. If the menu "Account Information" is not displayed automatically, click "Account Information" in the "Internet" menu.
  4. Select "" from the drop-down list "Internet service provider" and enable the correct connection type.
  5. Click "Apply" to save the settings.
  6. Now the FRITZ!Box checks whether the internet connection can be established. Configuration is completed as soon as the message "The internet connection check was successful" is displayed.

    Important:If the internet connection check fails, your internet access may not have been activated yet. In this case, contact Fiber.