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Setting up port sharing in the FRITZ!Box

You want to set up port sharing in the FRITZ!Box? ✔ Here we show you the different ways to accept connections from the internet.

By default, the FRITZ!Box's firewall protects all of the devices in the FRITZ!Box home network from incoming connections and unwanted data from the internet.

By setting up port sharing, you can use online games, file-sharing software, and other internet applications that accept connections from the internet, or allow users in the internet to access web servers, remote maintenance servers, and other server services in your home network.

The FRITZ!Box offers different ways to share ports that can be used separately or together. Which type of sharing is best depends on the requirements of the respective application or server service and your own personal preferences.

Important:If the FRITZ!Box uses the existing internet connection of another router ("Internet connection via internet router as IP client"), you must configure port sharing settings in the router that your FRITZ!Box is behind.

Setting up automatic port sharing

  1. Set up the FRITZ!Box for automatic port sharing if
    • the application should be allowed to set up all of the required port sharings in the FRITZ!Box on its own.
    • port sharing is not required for a server service.
    • the application supports the standard UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) or PCP (Port Control Protocol).

      Note:UPnP is also supported by many game consoles (for example PlayStation, Wii U, Xbox). Information on on the respective application or device can be obtained from the manufacturer.

    • the application requires very many shared ports, or different ports are used each time the application is used.

Setting up MyFRITZ! accesses

  1. Set up MyFRITZ! accesses in the FRITZ!Box if
    • you want to allow access to a browser-based application in the FRITZ!Box home network over the internet, for example on a web server or the graphical interface of a NAS system.
    • the application can be accessed using a URI scheme (Uniform Resource Identifier), for example via http or ftp.
    • you want to access the application via a direct link in the device overview

Setting up static port sharing

  1. Set up static port sharing in the FRITZ!Box if
    • you want to allow access to a server service in the home network over the internet, for example on a remote maintenance server or VPN server.
    • the application does not support UPnP or PCP.