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Generating support information

To process your request, we need the support information from your FRITZ!Box. You can use the FRITZ!Box user interface to send us the support information. The support information is encrypted with TLS and transmitted using a randomly selected port.

Send the information while or immediately after the error occurs. Do not perform a restart before sending the support information, for example by unplugging it.

Note:The support information will only be used to process your request and will not be passed on to third parties. The support information will be deleted when your case has been closed at the latest.

  1. In the FRITZ!Box user interface, click "Contents" on the bottom left of the page and then on "FRITZ!Box Support" at the bottom.

    Fig.: Links to "Contents" and "FRITZ!Box Support" in the user interface

  2. Click the button "Send Support Information" and make note of the dispatch ID that is displayed when you send the support information.