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FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 430 Service
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Installing the FRITZ!WLAN Stick

The driver software for your FRITZ!WLAN Stick is installed automatically when you insert it into the USB port on your computer. This driver software integrates the FRITZ!WLAN Stick in your computer's operating system and provides a connection monitor for monitoring the wireless connection (WiFi).

Requirements / Restrictions

  • Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit) is installed on the computer.

1 Downloading the latest driver

  1. Call up our download area in a web browser.
  2. Select the product group "FRITZ!WLAN" and then your product.
  3. Download the latest driver for your FRITZ!WLAN Stick.

2 Connecting the FRITZ!WLAN Stick to the computer

  • Insert the FRITZ!WLAN Stick into a USB port on your computer.

Windows detects the FRITZ!WLAN Stick automatically. This process may take some time.

3 Installing the driver

The driver installation procedure starts once Windows detects the FRITZ!WLAN Stick:

If you do not experience problems with the installation procedure and the message "Installation of ... was successful" is displayed when installation is finished:

  • Click "Close".

If the window "CD drive [...]: FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick [...]" is displayed:

  • Click "AVM FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick [...] Installation" and follow the instructions.

4 Installing the latest driver

  • Double-click the file "avm_fritz!wlan_usb_stick [...].exe" and follow the instructions.

Now the FRITZ!WLAN Stick is installed and you can set up the wireless connection to the wireless router.