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FRITZ!Repeater N/G Service

Loading the FRITZ!Repeater factory settings

When you load the factory settings, all of the individual settings you made in the FRITZ!Repeater are deleted. It makes sense to load the factory settings if you are going to use the repeater at a different location or are planning to pass it on to another user, for example. In addition, this deletes incorrect settings that prevent the repeater from functioning properly.

Loading the factory settings

  1. Unplug the repeater.
  2. Plug it in again after 5 seconds. The "FRITZ" icon appears on the LED display after about 10 seconds:

    Fig.: "FRITZ" icon

  3. Tap the left touch point 2 or 3 times until the "load factory settings" icon appears:

    Fig.: "Load factory settings" icon

  4. Tap the middle of the LED display. The pulsating check mark ("confirm entry" icon) now appears on the LED display:

    Fig.: "Confirm entry" icon

  5. Tap the middle of the LED display again.
  • The repeater will now restart and load the factory settings. The procedure is completed as soon as the "run WPS for the first time" icon is displayed on the LED display:

    Fig.: "Run WPS for the first time" icon