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FRITZ!WLAN Repeater DVB-C Service
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Cannot play television programs (DVB-C) when FRITZ!VPN is installed

You cannot play television programs on a computer that has the FRITZ!VPN software installed on it.


  • The AVM VPN Driver that belongs to the FRITZ!VPN software prevents playback.

1 Disabling the AVM VPN Driver

Disable the AVM VPN Driver in the properties of your network connection:

Important:When the AVM VPN Driver is disabled, you can no longer use FRITZ!VPN to establish VPN connections.

  1. Open the overview of network connections:
    • Windows 8
      1. Press the keyboard shortcut "Windows key" + "X" and select "Control Panel" from the context menu.
      2. Click "Network and Internet" in the "Control Panel" menu.
      3. Click "Network and Sharing Center" and then "Change adapter settings".
    • Windows 7
      1. In Windows, click "Start" and then "Control Panel".
      2. Select "Category" from the drop-down list "View by:" (top right) in the "Control Panel" menu.
      3. Click "Network and Internet" and then "Network and Sharing Center".
      4. Click "Change adapter settings".
  2. Right-click the connection for the (wireless LAN or LAN) network adapter used to establish the Internet connection.
  3. Click "Properties" and then "Continue" ("Continue" is not always available).
  4. Remove the checkmark in front of the entry "AVM VPN Driver".
  5. Click "OK" to confirm your changes.
  6. Restart your computer.