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FRITZ!Repeater 300E Service

FRITZ!Repeater's wireless network can no longer be found after setup

After setting up the FRITZ!Repeater, its wireless network name (SSID) "FRITZ!WLAN Repeater..." is no longer displayed in the network list of wireless devices.

1 FRITZ!Repeater assumes the router's network name (SSID)

When you set up the FRITZ!Repeater, it automatically takes on the wireless router's wireless network name and network key to allow wireless devices in the home network to quickly switch between networks (wireless roaming).

Since most wireless devices do not display different wireless networks with the same names (SSIDs) separately, after setting up the FRITZ!Repeater it may appear that its wireless network is not available. Actually, the wireless networks of the wireless router and the FRITZ!Repeater are grouped under one wireless network name.

Note:You can also assign a unique network name to the FRITZ!Repeater's wireless network.