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FRITZ!Repeater 2400

Connecting the FRITZ!Repeater with the Mesh Repeater (cascading)

You want to connect an additional FRITZ!Repeater to an existing FRITZ!Repeater? ✔ Find out how to cascade them here.

You can cascade several Mesh Repeaters in the Mesh. This type of cascading makes it possible for you to extend your home network in a specific direction beyond the Wi-Fi range of a Mesh Repeater.

This means that not only can you connect your FRITZ!Repeater with the FRITZ!Box (Mesh Master), you can also connect it with an already existing Mesh Repeater. It does not matter whether the Mesh Repeater is another FRITZ!Repeater, a FRITZ!Box, or a FRITZ!Powerline adapter.

In this guide we show you how to connect your new FRITZ!Repeater with an already existing Mesh Repeater.

Fig.: Example of wireless cascading with two FRITZ!Repeaters

Requirements / Restrictions

  • The existing Mesh Repeater is connected with the Mesh Master and is marked with the Mesh symbol in the Mesh overview.

Note:All instructions on configuration and settings given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for the FRITZ!Repeater.

1 Loading the FRITZ!Repeater's factory settings

In order to perform the following steps, the new FRITZ!Repeater must be set to factory settings:

  1. Push and hold down the "Connect" button for 10-15 seconds.
  2. The status LED now indicates by alternately flashing and lighting up that the factory settings are being loaded and that the FRITZ!Repeater will be restarted. This process may take several minutes.
  3. The status LED flashes continuously for at least 1 minute as soon as the factory settings have finished loading.

2 Connecting FRITZ!Repeater with a Mesh Repeater at the push of a button

  1. For setup, plug the new FRITZ!Repeater into a power outlet near the existing Mesh Repeater. Now the new FRITZ!Repeater starts. During this time, the status LED flashes rapidly.
  2. Wait about 1 minute until the new FRITZ!Repeater has started and the status LED flashes slower.
  3. Briefly push the "Connect" button on the new FRITZ!Repeater (for about 1 second) and let go of it again. When you release the button, the status LED starts to flash.
  4. Within 2 minutes: Push and hold down the connect button on the existing Mesh Repeater for the time indicated in the table:
    Mesh RepeaterConnect buttonDuration
    FRITZ!Box 7590, 7530, 6890Connect / WPSabout 1 second
    FRITZ!Box 7490, 7430WLAN WPSabout 6 seconds
    FRITZ!Box 7560WLANabout 6 seconds
    FRITZ!Box 7583, 7582, 7581, 4040, 4020, 3490WPSabout 1 second
    FRITZ!RepeaterConnect or WPSabout 1 second
    FRITZ!Powerline 1260EConnectabout 1 second
    FRITZ!Powerline 1240EWLAN - WPS
    Powerline - Security
    about 1 second
    FRITZ!Powerline 546E, 540EWLAN · WPSabout 1 second
  5. One or more of the new FRITZ!Repeater's signal strength LEDs remain lit as soon as the Wi-Fi connection is established.

3 Integrating the FRITZ!Repeater into the Mesh at the touch of a button

  1. Briefly push the "Connect" button on the new FRITZ!Repeater (for about 1 second) and let go of it again. When you release the button, the status LED starts to flash quickly.
  2. Within 2 minutes: Push and hold down the connect button on the Mesh Master until its confirmation LED lights up. Other LEDs may also light up:
    FRITZ!Box modelConnect buttonConfirmation LED
    FRITZ!Box 7590, 7530, 6890, 6660Connect / WPSConnect / WPS
    FRITZ!Box 6590Connect / WPSWLAN / DECT
    FRITZ!Box 7490, 7430, 5490WLAN WPSWLAN / Info
    FRITZ!Box 7583, 7582, 7581WPSWLAN / Info
    FRITZ!Box 6820, 4040, 4020, 3490WPSWLAN
  3. The FRITZ!Repeater is fully integrated into the Mesh about 5 seconds after one or more signal strength LEDs on the new FRITZ!Repeater remain lit.

4 Finding the ideal location for the FRITZ!Repeater

To achieve the best possible range, the new FRITZ!Repeater requires a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection to the existing Mesh Repeater:

  1. Position the FRITZ!Repeater so that at least three of its five signal strength LEDs light up. You can find tips on positioning it in the guide Finding the ideal location for FRITZ!Repeater.