Software for FRITZ!Powerline

Just insert and you're off!

No configuration is needed before starting FRITZ!Powerline operation. FRITZ!Powerline is encrypted upon delivery to provide for a secure home network.

Once you have connected the network devices with the FRITZ!Powerline adapter, the software can assist you in configuring the following settings:

  • adding additional powerline adapters to the secure powerline network
  • locating the best outlet
  • switching the LEDs on/off
  • saving power by reducing the data throughput at the LAN port
  • advanced options for network encryption
  • naming the adapters in the network

The FRITZ!Powerline software is updated regularly. To see the number of the version installed on your computer, click with the right mouse button on the FRITZ! icon in the user interface under "About FRITZ!Powerline".

Screenshot of FRITZ!Powerline Software

Download the software for FRITZ!Powerline from our downloads section and profit of even more comfort in your home network.

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