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FRITZ!Powerline 546E Service

Connecting FRITZ!Powerline adapters

FRITZ!Powerline allows you to expand your home network using the home's own electrical wiring. To do so, simply connect two or more powerline adapters to form a powerline network. One of the powerline adapters is connected to the FRITZ!Box; you can connect computers, printers, or other network devices to the other powerline adapters. This way the connected network devices can be integrated in the home network over your home's electrical wiring and use your FRITZ!Box's Internet connection, for example.
The connection between the FRITZ!Powerline adapters is encrypted with a unique network password (AES 128-bit), thus protecting it from unauthorized users. All of the adapters within a powerline network must use the same password.

Upon delivery, FRITZ!Powerline adapters from a set use the same password. You do not have to configure any additional settings before connecting them.

Individual FRITZ!Powerline adapters have a unique password upon delivery. If you want to connect all of the adapters, you must assign the same password to all of them.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • You can connect up to 16 powerline adapters.

1 Connecting FRITZ!Powerline adapters from a set

Perform the following step if you are using FRITZ!Powerline adapters from a set:

  • Plug each of the FRITZ!Powerline adapters into a wall outlet. Use wall outlets located in the same room when configuring the powerline connection.
    • The FRITZ!Powerline adapters connect automatically and the LED for the powerline connection remains lit.

2 Connecting individual FRITZ!Powerline adapters

  1. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapters into electrical outlets.

    For trouble-free operation, you should always plug your powerline adapters directly into wall outlets and not into power strips.

  2. On the FRITZ!Powerline adapter that should adopt the password of the second adapter, press the "Powerline  · Security" or "Security" or "Connect" button for one second.
    • When the button on the FRITZ!Powerline adapter flashes, you can register the second adapter.
  3. Push the "Powerline  · Security" or "Security" or "Connect" button on the FRITZ!Powerline adapter within two minutes.
    • Now the FRITZ!Powerline adapters connect and the LED for the powerline connection remains lit.