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FRITZ!Powerline 546E Service

Powerline connection drops frequently

The powerline connection of one or several FRITZ!Powerline adapters drops frequently.

1 Checking whether the FRITZ!Powerline adapters are working properly

  1. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapters into adjacent plugs of a power strip. Unplug all other devices from the power strip.
  2. Check whether the powerline connection continues to drop.
    • If the issue no longer occurs, then the powerline connection was previously subject to interference, for example from high-frequency signals or electrical systems with damping effects. Normally one of the following measures can eliminate the cause of the interference:
      • Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapters directly into a wall outlet instead of using extension cords or power strips.
      • Test them in different wall outlets in the same room as well as in different rooms.
      • Do not ever use FRITZ!Powerline adapters behind a device with surge protection (for example a power strip).
      • Reduce the distance between the adapters.
      • Avoid powerline connections on different electricity phases, fuse boxes and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).
      • For testing purposes, unplug other appliances in order to identify and eliminate possible sources of interference.

        Note:Examples of frequent sources of interference are switched-mode power supplies, dimmers and halogen systems, refrigerators and freezers, dryers and washing machines, or electric pumps in use.

      • Lay cables that carry VDSL signals at least 10 cm away from electrical wiring and outlets.
        • If the powerline connection still continues to drop despite this, we cannot offer any further suggestions on how to optimize the powerline connection.