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FRITZ!Powerline 540E Service

FRITZ!Powerline adapter gets warm during use

FRITZ!Powerline adapter gets noticeably warm during use

1 Heat generation is a normal process

It is normal for the FRITZ!Powerline adapter to get warm because the device's performance causes heat to be generated. This does not affect its functioning.

Information on improving heat dissipation

  • Do not expose the FRITZ!Powerline adapter to direct sunlight.
  • Do not position the FRITZ!Powerline directly next to devices that also produce heat.
  • Make sure that the ventilation slits of the FRITZ!Powerline adapter are not blocked or covered, and provide for sufficient ventilation.
  • We recommend plugging the FRITZ!Powerline adapter into a wall outlet vertically because the ventilation slits are on the top and the sides of the device; this guarantees optimal heat dissipation from the housing.