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FRITZ!Powerline 540E Service

Powerline connection cannot be established

The powerline connection between FRITZ!Powerline adapters cannot be established and no data is transmitted.

1 Using a button to load the factory settings

Incorrect settings in the powerline adapters can prevent the connection from being established. Therefore, load the factory settings of all FRITZ!Powerline adapters to delete such settings:

2 Avoiding external sources of interference

Problems with establishing the powerline connection are often caused by external factors that interfere with powerline communication over your house's electrical wiring. The following tips provide advice on eliminating such sources of interference as completely as possible:

  1. Never use FRITZ!Powerline adapters behind devices (for example a power strip) with surge protection.
  2. If possible, only plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapters directly into wall outlets instead of using extension cords or power strips.
  3. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapters into different wall outlets to test their performance.
  4. Avoid powerline connections on different phases, fuse boxes, and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).
  5. For testing purposes, unplug other appliances in order to identify and eliminate possible sources of interference.

    Examples of common sources of interference are switched-mode power supplies, dimmers and halogen systems, refrigerators and freezers, dryers and washing machines, or electric pumps in use.

  6. Lay cables that carry VDSL signals at least 10 cm away from electrical wiring and outlets.
  7. Reduce the distance between the adapters.

3 Connecting FRITZ!Powerline adapters

All of the adapters must use the same password in order to connect individual FRITZ!Powerline adapters or add additional FRITZ!Powerline adapters to an already existing powerline network:

  1. Plug each of the FRITZ!Powerline adapters into a wall outlet. Use wall outlets located in the same room when setting up the powerline connection.
  2. Push the "Powerline  · Security" or "Security" or "Connect" button for 1 second on the FRITZ!Powerline adapter that should adopt the second adapter's password.
    • When the button on the FRITZ!Powerline adapter flashes, you can register the second adapter. 
  3. Push the "Powerline  · Security" or "Security" or "Connect" button on the second FRITZ!Powerline adapter within 2 minutes.
    • Now the FRITZ!Powerline adapters connect and the LED for the powerline connection remains lit.
  4. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapters into the desired electrical outlets. Always plug the adapters directly into a wall outlet and not into a power strip. Resistors and other devices plugged into power strips impair the powerline connection.