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FRITZ!Powerline 1260E Service

Changing password for FRITZ!Powerline network

FRITZ!Powerline allows you to expand your home network using the home's own electrical wiring. To do so, simply connect two or more powerline adapters to form a powerline network. The connection between the FRITZ!Powerline adapters is encrypted with a network password (AES 128-bit), thus protecting it from unauthorized users. Each FRITZ!Powerline adapter has its own network password upon delivery. You can also assign a password of your choice to FRITZ!Powerline adapters; however, the same password must be assigned to all adapters within a powerline network.

1 Preparations

2 Changing the password

  1. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapters into electrical outlets.
  2. Use a network cable to connect a FRITZ!Powerline adapter to a computer on which the FRITZ!Powerline software is installed.
  3. Start the FRITZ!Powerline software.
  4. Double-click the icon of a FRITZ!Powerline adapter that is not connected to the computer.
    • The "Device Profile" window opens.
  5. Enter a password of your choice in the "New network password" field and click "OK".

    Important:Only use standard Latin letters (not letters such as ä, ë, ö, ü, é, í) and numbers in the network password.
    The network password can be a maximum of 1024 characters long.

    • The "Network Password" window opens.
  6. Click "OK" when you are asked "Are you sure you want to change the network password?".
    • In the next window, click "OK" when you are finished with your changes.
  7. Repeat steps 4 - 7 for all other FRITZ!Powerline adapters that are not connected to the computer and assign them the same password.
  8. Once you are done, double-click the icon of the FRITZ!Powerline adapter connected to the computer in the FRITZ!Powerline software.
    • The "Device Profile" window opens.
  9. Enter the same password that you assigned to the other adapters in the "New network password" field and click "OK".

Now the powerline adapters connect and the LEDs for the powerline connection remain lit.