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What is Mesh WiFi steering and how does it work?

Mesh WiFi steering automatically steers smartphones, tablets, or other wireless devices to the wireless access point with the best wireless reception and also to the most suitable frequency band. This way, Mesh WiFi steering not only optimizes the wireless connection of individual devices, it also optimizes the load of all wireless access points.

Mesh Master automatically triggers change to different frequency band

In the Mesh, the FRITZ!Box continuously analyzes all of the wireless connections in its function as Mesh Master. As soon as the Mesh Master determines that a wireless device could establish a significantly better connection to the home network or guest network via another Mesh Repeater, it prompts the device to change to the other wireless network.

In contrast to wireless roaming, with Mesh WiFi steering, the Mesh Master decides when it makes sense to change the wireless network, and not the wireless device itself. The decisive advantage of this is that the Mesh Master can better judge which wireless access point or which frequency band is ideal at a given moment because it has information about all of the wireless devices and their connections, including the load of the Mesh Repeaters. The wireless device cannot determine this information.

Requirements for Mesh WiFi steering

Starting with FRITZ!OS 7.10, FRITZ!Boxes, FRITZ!Powerlines with wireless support, and FRITZ!Repeaters all support Mesh WiFi steering. Mesh WiFi Steering is already enabled in the factory settings. To take advantage of the benefits of Mesh WiFi steering, FRITZ! products must be integrated into the Mesh and use the wireless settings of the Mesh Master. The wireless device must fully support the wireless standards 802.11k and 802.11v.

For Mesh WiFi steering, both frequency bands of the Mesh Master must have identical wireless network names (SSIDs). If they currently have different wireless network names, give both of the frequency bands the same wireless network name. Then, enable the option "To improve data transmission, wireless devices can be switched automatically [...] in the Mesh" in the FRITZ!Box user interface under "Wireless > Radio Channel" in the section "Radio Channel Settings > Additional Settings".