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FRITZ!Fon M2 Service
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Functions that can be used with base stations from other manufacturers

All FRITZ!Fon models support the DECT standard and the DECT-GAP profile. The DECT-GAP profile enables you to use cordless telephones with base stations from different manufacturers. It also covers basic functions such as the procedure for registering a telephone with a base station and making telephone calls. However, DECT-GAP does not define additional convenience functions, which means that we cannot guarantee they will work with a base station from a different manufacturer. The call list, telephone book, answering machine, clock, internet services, software update function, RSS feeds, and email are only available if a FRITZ!Box is used as the base station. German is selected as the menu language in the FRITZ!Fon's factory settings. Once it registers with a FRITZ!Box, it uses the language selected in the FRITZ!Box user interface as its menu language. Since the telephone's software automatically controls language selection, the language can only be changed if the telephone is registered with a FRITZ!Box.