FRITZ!Fon M2 Service - FRITZ!Fon Software

FRITZ!Fon M2 Service

New features and improvements

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.08

  • Fixed: connection would drop when extended security was active
  • Fixed: Automatic keylock when intercom was active
  • Fixed: Backlight faulty when using the phone in the charging cradle

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.06

  • New: Additional "single ring" option when pressing and holding the '*' button
  • New:"Software Update and "Software Version" grouped together
  • New: Various menu improvements
  • New: Time is now displayed in the status bar when making a call
  • New: You can now adjust the ringer volume when the phone is ringing
  • New: Separate volume setting for alarm
  • Fixed: Various display errors
  • Fixed: Ascending ring tone for telephone book assignment or alarm ring tone
  • Fixed: When choosing a number from the phone book, anonymous calls were sometimes not signalled as anonymous.
  • Fixed: No key tone when ending a call with the red key