FRITZ!Fon C6 Service - FRITZ!Fon Software

FRITZ!Fon C6 Service

Latest features and improvements

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.57 (starting with FRITZ!OS 7.20)

  • New: When you enter a telephone number, the system suggests the appropriate telephone book entries, or direct vanity search (starting with FRITZ!OS 7.19)
  • New: Sound settings
  • New: Start screen to display the temperature of a compatible Smart Home device in the home network (e.g. FRITZ!DECT 200)
  • New: In the "FRITZ!Box" start screen, the "OK" button opens the FRITZ!Box event log
  • New: Improved echo suppression for the remote site
  • Fixed: Background noise during operation as baby monitor
  • Fixed: Baby monitor operation sometimes started after disconnection from the base station
  • Fixed: Display brightness sometimes was reset to default setting
  • Fixed: Telephone sometimes only started with 100% charged battery