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FRITZ!Fon C5 Service
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FRITZ!Fon reports "Function not possible during repeater operation"

When you attempt to listen to internet radio or podcasts with your FRITZ!Fon, conduct a call using HD, or update the software, the telephone displays one of the following messages:

  • "Function not possible during repeater operation"
  • "via Reject Repeater not possible"

1 Cannot use function for technical reasons

If you use a DECT repeater from another manufacturer to extend the DECT range of your FRITZ!Box, the option "Permit non-encrypted DECT connections" must be enabled in the FRITZ!Box. For technical reasons, some functions are no longer available if this option is enabled. Here you will find a list of functions that are not supported.

Important:If you are not or are no longer using a DECT repeater from another manufacturer, or are using a FRITZ!DECT Repeater or a FRITZ!Box in DECT repeater mode, enable the setting "Permit only secure DECT connections" in the FRITZ!Box user interface under "DECT > Base Station". FRITZ!DECT Repeaters and FRITZ!Boxes in DECT repeater mode support encrypted connections.