FRITZ!Fon C5 Service - FRITZ!Fon Software

FRITZ!Fon C5 Service

New features and improvements in the current version

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.25

  • New: Translations complete
  • Fixed: Incorrect display for button pushed while locked

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.24

  • Fixed: Missing signal tone after timer has expired
  • Fixed: Own ring tone selection no longer active after restart

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.23

  • Fixed: Baby monitor without function since FRITZ!Fon Software 4.21

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.21

  • Fixed: Background noise in the menu
  • Fixed: Blank screen after "Options / Apply" and then "Back"
  • Fixed: Display error on "Smart Home" start screen

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.20

  • New: Optimized volume levels
  • Fixed: Reduced echo during headset operation
  • Fixed: Keypad illumination not activated in some cases
  • Fixed: Positioning of message text

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.09

  • New: Improved audio when using a headset
  • Fixed: Connection would drop when extended security was active
  • Fixed: Automatic keylock when intercom was active
  • Fixed: SBS "Event Log", wrong and non-functional "Calls" and "Favorites" soft keys after switching to navigation mode
  • Fixed: The keylock information was not displayed during a call
  • Fixed: Text fragments in the status bar
  • Fixed: "New calls" heading cropped in start screen

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.05

  • New: Additional "single ring" option when pressing and holding the '*' button
  • New: "Software Update" and "Software Version" grouped together
  • New: Various menu improvements
  • New: Improved display when making calls
  • New: Caller info is now always displayed as large as possible 
  • New: New "Fax" event in the "Event Log" start screen (FRITZ!OS 6.98 and later) 
  • New: "Event Log / Smart Home" start screen scrollable (FRITZ!OS 6.98 and later) 
  • New: Nightlight can be turned on and off with the end call key, can also be turned off when placing the FRITZ!Fon display side down 
  • New: Time is now displayed in the status bar when making a call 
  • New: 10 standardized volume levels 
  • New: You can now adjust the ringer volume when the phone is ringing
  • New: Separate volume setting for alarm 
  • New: Up to five own ring tones (FRITZ!OS 6.98 and later) 
  • New: You can now disable the settings that wake up display when movement is detected 
  • Fixed: Various display errors 
  • Fixed: Ascending ring tone for telephone book assignment or alarm ring tone 
  • Fixed: When dialing from the telephone book, anonymous calls were not always displayed as anonymous 
  • Fixed: Live images crashed when rotating or waking up the display 
  • Fixed: No key tone when ending a call with the red key 
  • Fixed: Was not possible to change the volume when disconnecting from headset